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Friday, June 16, 2017

How to make your photos alive

Learn how to make your photos alive with Photoshop

This 90 minutes advanced Photoshop tutorial will give you deep understanding of the following techniques such as color isolation. With this technique you will be able to bring out contrasts of the skintones and the contrasts between the shadows and highlights. Example working photo in this tutorial is a photo of a smile child.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Photoshop Tutorials - Example 2


Freelancing websites are full of people doing Cartoon characters from your existing photos. Those freelancers that are really good are earning thousands of dollars per year by doing that. 

Our professional Photoshop video tutorials will teach you step-by-step how to create Cartoon characters from existing photos as a professional.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Monday, December 19, 2016

Learn Photo Editing with 35 Professional Photoshop Tutorials

Photo Editing Made Easy
Photo editing has become quite popular these days with people finding all sorts of reasons to edit their pictures. Today’s cameras are much more capable than they used to be, but in order to make significant changes to an image you need to use software. One of the most popular image editing software comes from Adobe and is called Photoshop. However, there is a steep learning curve when it comes to using it. This is where “How to” tutorial videos come in handy

Learn Photo Editing

Just about anyone can take pictures as long as they have a camera and a subject to photograph. However, editing ones photos can turn them into so much more. By using a single piece of software like Adobe Photoshop you turn most any simple image into a work of art. By manipulating the image, by using special filters and many other tools within Photoshop you can turn a simple image into something completely different.

Benefits of being a member of Learn Photo

●    One time charge, lifetime access
●    No per tutorial charge for access
●    Instant 24/7 access to all tutorials
●    All tutorials created in video format
●    Tutorials work with Photoshop CS5 and newer 
●    60 day money back guaranty if you are not satisfied

Membership vs Piece meal sales

The Internet is filled with websites that offer packages filled with how to guides and tutorials that range in price from as low as $50 all the way up 1000’s of dollars. Then you have to keep track of the downloads.No need to go through that with Learn Photo lifetime membership. When you become a member of the site you are automatically given full access to the library of 35 current tutorials. No need to shell out money and download each of the tutorials which would add up really fast. The library grows with brand new tutorials being created all the time, as a member you will have total access 24/7.

What does it take to become a member?
Getting started at Learn Photo is very simple, click on big blue join now button at the bottom of the page. You will be given several options to pay the one time $27 charge. That is all there is to it. You will automatically be set up as a lifetime member and you will not be asked to pay any more money.


Each of the tutorials focus on teaching you how to use Adobe Photoshop to perform a specific task. The library consists of 35 unique tutorials that are designed to help teach you how to use specific features within Adobe Photoshop.

Below is a list of the 35 Photoshop tutorials with a short description:

How to create a cartoon character with Photomanipulation & retouching - Turn any picture into a cartoon character/caricature.
How to make your portraits look out of this world - This short tutorial will teach you how to transform any portrait using retouching and grading techniques
How to make facial features pop out with retouching - This tutorial will show you how to add depth and character that is missing from any photo.

How to create a surreal looking character with advanced retouching techniques - Learn how to use lighting techniques to add pop to your photo.

How to give your portraits the “Video Game Look” - Change any photo to look like it is fresh out of a video game

How to turn your photos into high impact magazine ads - Learn how to create spectacular ad quality images out of an ordinary photo. 

Digital painting for beginners how to paint with a mouse - Learn to use a computer mouse like a paint brush.
How to create fantasy characters in Photoshop - Learn how to transform an ordinary face into a space alien.
How to create breathtaking images - Learn how to turn a simple photo into a world class photograph

How to create a fantasy environment with Photomanipulation - Create a fantasy world from a simple picture.

How to change the look of a dull photo with color grading - Learn how make a dull picture pop with added color.

How to do an extreme makeover digitally in Photoshop - Learn how to do a complete digital makeover.

How to bring out colors & details in your photos - Learn how to draw out details often lost in photography

How to make the most out of your raw photos - Learn how to tone down strong lighting and highlights

How to create a Lightbox for pocket change! - Learn how to enhance photos with lighting on the cheap.

How to make a portrait pop out of the screen - Learn how adding details to an otherwise dull portrait will make it pop.

How to transform your portraits with color grading - Learn how to eliminate shadowing by adding color grading.

​​How to create a zombie infested city - Learn how to combine multiple photos into a zombie scene.

How to retouch your portraits like the pros - Learn the retouching techniques like the professional use.

How to improve the look of your wedding photos - Helps you turn ordinary wedding photos into extraordinary pictures.

How to use Day/Night conversion and color grading - Learn how to turn a bright image into a dark shadowy image.

How to use Photomanipulation - Learn to bring a simple sketch to life with Photoshop.

How HDR and color grading works together - Learn how to combine HDR and color grading to add extra detail to a simple image.

How to use tone mapping and texture blending - Learn to transform new photos into vintage before your eyes.

​New tutorials will be added to the library as time goes by and as a lifetime member you will have access to all of them.

​​If you like what you see now is the time to get your lifetime membership before the site switches over to a monthly fee. If you lock in your membership by paying the one time charge of $27, you will not be subject to the monthly charge.